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Public Engagement Deliverables


Roundtable Discussions
A number of stakeholders in a discussion in which no order of rank is observed for the purpose of data collection and examination: the act or an instance of discussing; consideration or examination by argument, comment, inquiry, examination, debate and explanations.

Development Sessions
The parts of a governance movement or composition in which themes are developed that promote change; governance expansion, elaboration, growth, evolution; unfolding, maturing, maturation, maturity and readiness: a single continuous sitting, or period of sitting or assembled stakeholders.

A gathering for the discussion of some subject, esp. a meeting at which several speakers discuss governance before an audience: a collection of stakeholder opinions expressed or articles contributed by several persons.

A governance meeting for consultation or discussion: an exchange of views to plan, develop, evaluate, and analyze governance strategies; an event to initiate collaboration management, performance management and strategic management opportunities on governance.